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A Taste of Viking Life in Hyllestad - Viking Footprints


Explore our viking garden, learn about farming in the viking age; try the tools and skills yourself; have fun throwing axes and shooting arrows.

Get an introduction to the viking age here in west Norway in our viking garden with its own period tent and find out that the vikings were not quite the savage people that popular history may portray them. Get a sense of the sophistication of society in viking age Norway and understand how the area around Hyllestad was crucial to the whole viking story here in Norway from the development of its laws, the use of democratic means of decision making, the rights of women and the spread of trade. From this part of the coast in Norway the expansion to Iceland started and from here the vikings set out on their last great attempt to conquer England.

After some history, then try for yourself some skills in archery and axe throwing. The vikings loved to play games and use them as a means of keeping their skills sharp. You’ll learn some basic techniques and then try for yourself. You will also be taken on a garden walk in Hyllir Viking Garden, where you can experience wild growing and cultivated plants, herbs, fruit and vegetables. You will learn how these were used in the viking Age - as food, spices, medicine, for textiles, and for creating colour for clothes. Some plants were also used for magic and to have contact with the gods.

Farming was the main activity of people in Norway during the viking age. You will also have a chance to see our old Norwegian breed sheep and learn about how the humble sheep was a major reason for viking power because of the wool produced for sails for viking ships. You can try historical tools and techniques that have been used and developed for more than 1,000 years and see our traditional wooden boat, built in the same way as the Vikings did.

Guided tour

This activity takes about 2 hours, and is an easy walk that suits most functional levels (not adapted for wheelchairs). Language is English (garden walk can also be offered in Norwegian) and some activities are dependent on the weather conditions for safety reasons.

Guided tours are available from 20. June - 24. September: Tuesday - Sunday

10.30 - 12.30

14.00 - 16.00

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Last updated: 03/19/2024

Source: Visit FjordKysten

A Taste of Viking Life in Hyllestad - Viking Footprints


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