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Along Jostedalsbreen glacier

The Jostedalsbreen glacier is a classic hike and an experience you won't forget in a hurry.

There are many ways to experience the glacier. There is a huge network of trails across Norway’s mountains, and many routes allow you to experience the Jostedalsbreen glacier. The mountains Brenibba, Kjenndalskruna and Lodalskåpa are part of Jostedalsbreen glacier, so there’s no need to hike for three days to experience this magical glacier.

Hiking along Jostedalsbreen glacier is the best-known way to experience the glacier, but is also the most challenging. You need an authorised guide with you on the trip – it’s dangerous to travel the glacier without a guide.

The trip takes three days, and the original route goes from Erdalen in Stryn to Fjærland in Sogn. This route lets you experience the entire Jostedalsbreen glacier from north to south, with all the famous icefalls and peaks.

In order to take the trip, you will need to train by carrying a heavy pack filled with ski skins, warm clothes, a sleeping bag, tent and cooking equipment. Although the trip is long and can be demanding at times, it’s perfectly manageable by anyone in reasonably good shape. The activity company Breogfjell in Nordfjord offers guided tours over Jostedalsbreen glacier.

Source: Nordfjord


Along Jostedalsbreen glacier

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