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Andorsjøhytta (cabin)

Escape to the tranquility of Andorsjøhytta in Snåsa, where you can embrace the simple pleasures of mountain life amidst a diverse and bountiful natural landscape. Here, you can savor a delicious dinner featuring self-caught trout and recharge your energy with invigorating hikes through the surrounding terrain.

For fishing enthusiasts, Lake Andorsjøen offers excellent conditions, and your rental includes a rowing boat conveniently located in the boathouse adjacent to the cabin.

Cabin Details:
This spacious cabin can comfortably accommodate up to 10 people, with two bedrooms and a total of 50 square meters of space. Additionally, there's room for 1-2 people to sleep on the couch. The cabin is thoughtfully equipped with solar lighting and all the essentials you'll need for a comfortable mountain retreat. During the summer months, the cabin is situated 5 kilometers from Snåsa and 9 kilometers from Steinkjer. In winter, the distances are slightly longer, with 21 kilometers from Snåsa and 9 kilometers from Steinkjer.

Andorsjøhytta's strategic location makes it an ideal base for unforgettable adventures. Snåsa boasts a rich and diverse natural environment, providing ample opportunities for fishing, hunting, and exploration. This cabin, being larger than our other offerings, is particularly well-suited for two families looking to embark on a joint mountain adventure.

Discover the serene beauty and outdoor allure of Andorsjøhytta—your gateway to cherished mountain memories.

To reach Andorsjøhytta, take Public road 9 km from Highway 763 in Snåsa center to AGLE, then Skromoen (follow signs to National Park Storåsen). From there, a 10 km forest road will lead you to the parking area at Andortjønnmoan. From the parking lot in Almoseterdalen, it is approximately 5 km of walking in gentle terrain to Andorsjøen and the cabin. During winter, you can park your car at Skromoen. The distance from the parking lot to the cabin is then 15 km.

Andorsjøen is located in the state common just east of Andor Mountain, a well-known peak for most people in Snåsa. Andorsjøen is a relatively large water body with good fishing and is located in a picturesque setting surrounded by sparse pine forest, with Nordaksla and other high mountains in the east and north. The lodge is situated right next to Blåfjella - Skjækerfjella National Park.

Rental of the Cottage:
You can book the cabin on Inatur, where you can also purchase fishing and hunting licenses. For manual bookings, there is an invoice fee of NOK 50. The cabin is equipped with a key cabinet with a combination lock. More information about this and the code can be found on the order confirmation from Inatur after completing the booking.

Source: Innherred Reiseliv


Andorsjøhytta (cabin)

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