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Andresens Vaabenforretning

Andresens Vaabenforretning

Outdoor activities, sport, hunting, fishing etc.

Anton Andresen, an educated gunsmith from Frosta in Northern Trøndelag, established Andresens Vaabenforretning A/S in Tromsø in 1870. The basis of the shop was the production of weapons and ammunition intended for hunting and fishing in the arctic coastal area. During the nearly 140 years since the establishment of the shop, Andresens Vaabenforretning has become a trademark within the hunting and fishing environment throughout the whole of Norway. Today Svein Anton Andresen runs the shop and has done so since 1979. He is the 4th generation. In the meantime, his daughter, Julie Andresen, is planning to take over the shop and thereby be the 5th generation to run it. Today, Andresens Vaabenforretning A/S has three full-time employees and in addition, they have several expert employees ready to step in whenever needed. Weapons and hunting equipment is still an important part of the shop today. However, in modern times, fishing and outdoor equipment has become a big part of the assortment of goods.

Last updated: 08/14/2023

Source: Visit Tromsø-Region

Andresens Vaabenforretning

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