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Anno Eidskog museum

Eidskog Museum is an eco-museum with buildings that are cared for in their original environment, with several facilities around the village. The facilities reflect commercial and social life in Eidskog over many hundreds of years.

In addition to the permanent facilities, the museum organizes experiences during the summer period.
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Eidskog Bygdetun – Almenninga
Eidskog Museum's main facility is Eidskog Bygdetun - Almenninga. The farm was probably already cleared around the year 1000. Today, Almenninga consists of the two remaining fields - Austun and Vestun. In the houses there are exhibitions and contemporary interiors.

Family-friendly with a cozy garden, café, pets and own swimming area
The garden contains many abundant perennial beds and cozy seating areas. There are domestic animals both inside and outside the ski garden.
In the café you can enjoy a coffee and a bite to eat.
Almenninga also has its own swimming area and a universally designed fishing jetty by the river.

Gaustadsjøsaga at Skotterud
Eidskog has long traditions in forestry and sawmilling, and the Eidskog Museum has preserved and restored Gaustadsjøsaga in Skotterud. Here you can experience a real steam saw in operation and perhaps take a rest in the saw shed.

The school museum at Matrand
In the School Museum at Matrand, a lot of local school history is collected. There is also a separate exhibition hall here. The museum is located in the middle of the culturally interesting environment with the church, the bauta, the trenches and the station buildings. This was the original center in Eidskog.

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Source: Visit Innlandet


Anno Eidskog museum

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