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Arctic Ocean Lodge


We're excited to present an unparalleled opportunity for adventure and exploration in the heart of the Arctic, framed within our unwavering commitment to sustainability. At Arctic Ocean Lodge, located on the stunning Andøya in the Vesterålen archipelago, we offer a unique blend of thrilling activities and serene getaways, all harmonized with an environmentally conscious approach.

Explore the Arctic with a Sustainable Edge.

Accommodation with a Conscious Approach

At Arctic Ocean Lodge, we are dedicated to a sustainable travel experience. Our lodge, nestled in the stunning Andøya of the Vesterålen archipelago, balances comfort with environmental responsibility. We are part of a vulnerable island community and ecosystem, and we actively work to protect it.

Diverse Activities

Our approach includes slow travel to reduce our impact on the local environment and community. Enjoy diverse activities, from sea and land, that resonate with the sustainable rhythm of island life. Our guests can immerse themselves in a range of activities, from sailing adventures, responsible whale spotting, to Northern Lights viewing, hiking, fishing, you name it. Each activity is designed to foster a deep connection with nature, while respecting and preserving the delicate Arctic ecosystem.

Continuing Commitment to Community Collaboration and Cultural Engagement

At Arctic Ocean Lodge, our ongoing journey involves a deep commitment to both community collaboration and cultural engagement. We are in the process of forging stronger connections with local communities, with a focus on supporting and partnering with local businesses. Our efforts are currently centered on implementing practices such as sourcing our food locally, hiring guides from within the community, and actively contributing to community-driven environmental initiatives. This evolving strategy not only aims to enhance the authenticity of our guest experiences but also supports the growth and sustainability of the local economy and environment, reflecting our belief in the importance of continuous improvement and engagement.

Practical Environmental Stewardship

At Arctic Ocean Lodge, our focus extends beyond just offering exceptional experiences. We are actively involved in practical environmental efforts and cultural preservation initiatives, aiming to make a real difference in the Vesterålen community. This includes modest but meaningful support for local businesses and participation in achievable local projects. Our goal is to contribute to the sustainable development of our region in a realistic and transparent manner.

Source: Visit Vesterålen


Arctic Ocean Lodge


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