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Bødalseter is located at 585m above sea level in Jostedalsbreen National Park. Setra, which stands there today, was built after a race closure in 1893.

At the end of Lovatnet you find Bødalen, from here there goes a toll road to Bødalseter. The road to Bødalseter is about 5 km long, and the road is paved all the way up to the parking lot. The car is suitable for passenger cars as it is narrow and winding in some places. At the end of the road you reach a car park, here from here there is a dirt road to Bødalsseter, this short walk takes about ten minutes to walk. At Bødalseter you will find an area that is suitable for wild camping. It is important that those who camp here keep the area nice and leave it as one found. Here there is good capacity for tents, a common room that one can seek shelter in, as well as several places indoors for accommodation. At the camp you find two toilet and sink. There is no electricity here, but there is solar light. If you have garbage, you should take it down to Bødalen where you find a container to pull it in. You can drink the water in the taps at the camp, or get from the river which flows close by. Inside the area you can find benches and own campfire places, it is important to pretend to gates to the area so that no grazing animals come in. There is no booking. But it may be an advantage for larger groups to give a sound before they arrive.

Source: Nordfjord



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