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Basic sea kayaking course

Join us for the paddling course of a lifetime, which combines fun, laughter and enjoyment! Our courses include that “little extra” to ensure paddling joy and mastery for everyone

This course is suitable for novices or those with some paddling experience who want a review and guidance of various techniques. Everyone who completes the course receives a “wet card” (certification from the Norwegian Paddle Federation). No previous experience is required, and we will provide a kayak and other equipment necessary to complete the course. Duration: 2 days Saturday and Sunday from 09:00 to approx. 17.00 Our base is at the camping site in idyllic Tranøybotn. The meeting place is at the Hyttekroa restaurant. The course includes a sea kayaking trip with a lunch break. Bring enough food and drink for lunch and snacks for an active day. We also recommend bring an extra change of clothes. Sea kayaking is a water sport, so you are likely to get wet. Please advise us if you have any ailments, injuries, allergies or the like that we should know about, either by sending a message and notifying us before the course starts. Course goals, as stipulated by the Norwegian Paddle Federation: Sub-goals: Introduce the participant to the kayak and equipment. After completing the course, through simple practical exercises the participant has learned to use the kayak, oars, cover and vest. The participant will also learn about simple safety routines and exercises and how to manoeuvre the kayak in an effective manner. The course includes a sea kayaking trip focusing on safety and group dynamics. • Lifting, carrying, launching and entering the kayak • Efficient forward stroke • Reverse stroke and stopping • Lateral movement of the kayak. Low brace stroke • Sweep stroke (reverse) • Turning (draw stroke and sweep stroke) • Going ashore/disembarkation • Securing a kayak after disembarking • Rescue techniques • Injury prevention • Planning of a basic kayaking trip to be implemented • General safety and basic seamanship • General information about outdoor life and the right of public access • Travel without leaving a trace In addition to instruction, the course price includes: • Rental of kayak, oars and clothing such as shoes, dry suit, vest, gloves and hat • “Wet card” proof of completed course Please bring: • Good mood • Extra change of clothes, warm clothes and a waterproof packing bag (recommended) • Food and drink (hot and cold) • Towel • Seat pad to use during breaks Number of participants per course: 6

Source: Visit Senja Region


Basic sea kayaking course

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