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Basso Social Bergen


Discover Social Dining at Basso Social, where shared meals craft the dining experience! Enjoy an extended flavor journey of 13 and 10 servings.

Basso Social is a Danish restaurant concept that first opened in Aarhus in 2017. Basso Social opened in Bergen in October 2023 and is located at Strandgaten 53, at the beginning of Bergen's charming and oldest pedestrian street, just a short 5-minute walk from Torgalmenningen in downtown Bergen.

Social Dining

At Basso Social, you can experience a variety of flavors during the 10 or 13 servings. The social dining menu changes with the seasons but is always strongly inspired by Italian cuisine. With a natural respect for our Danish roots and ingredients, the menu takes on a Nordic twist; at Basso Social, we use the delicious Nordic ingredients while being inspired by Italian culinary culture.


At Basso Social, you can host events and gatherings. We provide a charming venue and skilled staff. Basso Social's decor is unique with several different dining areas – each with its individual charm and atmosphere. Basso Social accommodates a wide range of both smaller and larger tables, as well as two semi-private areas, perfect for groups of up to 22 people. Here, you get the feeling of sitting in a private space without losing the ambiance of the rest of the restaurant. Capacity for the entire restaurant is 100 people.

At Basso Social, three different group menus are on offer, carefully curated to provide you and your party with a taste experience you won't soon forget. Everything you see on the various group menus is part of the dinner, so you don't have to choose between the different dishes but can look forward to savoring them all! We guarantee plenty of food, along with many different taste experiences – there's something for everyone’s taste!

Source: Visit Bergen


Basso Social Bergen


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