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Beffen passenger ferry

Beffen is a charming passenger ferry that takes you across the harbor from Bryggen to Nykirkekaien in 10 minutes. On board you get a beautiful view of Bergen.

Since 1894, "Beffen" has provided a safe and swift harbor crossing for passengers. The journey may be short, but it's undeniably charming, offering a nice seaside perspective of Bergen. Enjoy the view of Bryggen and the beautiful mountains that surround the city.

Did you know that "Beffen" is an abbreviation for "Bergen elektriske færgeselskab" and that the ferry went electric as early as 1894! Later, in 1930, diesel engines were installed on all the ferries.  Today, the ferry "BEF 3" that crosses Vågen is electric.

Departure times Monday-Friday:

07:30 (first departure from Bradbenken/Bryggen side) - 16:10 (last departure from Nykirkekaien)
Departure approx. every 10 minutes
Lunch break: 11:30-12:00
No departure on Saturday and Sunday

During the summer you can take a similar "Beffen" boat from the Fish Market to Bergen Aquarium and Old Bergen Museum.

Source: Visit Bergen


Beffen passenger ferry

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