Beffen passenger ferry

Beffen is a charming passenger ferry that takes you across the harbor from Bryggen to Nykirkekaien in 10 minutes. On board you get a beautiful view of Bergen.

Since 1894, "Beffen" has provided a safe and swift harbor crossing for passengers. The journey may be short, but it's undeniably charming, offering a nice seaside perspective of Bergen. Enjoy the view of Bryggen and the beautiful mountains that surround the city.

Departure times Monday-Friday:

07:30 (first departure from Bradbenken/Bryggen side) - 16:10 (last departure from Nykirkekaien)
Departure approx. every 10 minutes
Lunch break: 11:30-12:00
No departure on Saturday and Sunday

Last updated: 11/07/2023

Source: Visit Bergen

Beffen passenger ferry

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