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Øystre Slidre

Beitostølen Trail Arena

Welcome to the Beitostølen Trail Arena, Norway’s new trail cycling destination!

At Beitostølen Trail Arena cyclists find challenges on natural trails and family friendly cycling on built trails in the mountains around Beitostølen. The view towards the mountain top Bitihorn, Beitostølen's landmark, is unique. You might actually be cycling the country’s most beautiful trails.

Beitostølen Trail Arena builds new cycling trails and improves existing ones. Our goal is that cyclists easily can find their way around, having a great cycling experience and lots of fun on the trails. Our main focus is aimed at family friendly trails of green and blue difficulty where you can challenge yourself with berms, rollers, bridges and small jumps.   

Until now a green trail of 3.4 km length has been built that stretches around Garlimyra and connects the parking area at Garli with the top station of the lift at Beitostølen ski center and the Nørre Knausen mountain top. The trail is cycled counterclockwise and can easily be reached from the parking area at Garli or the top station of the lift. It can also be used by terrain wheelchairs.

All built trails are and will be based on the principles of sustainable cycling trails.

Have fun, watch out for each other and follow the conduct of trails.

Source: Valdres Destinasjon


Beitostølen Trail Arena

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