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Bergen Heritage Tour

A tour onboard the veteran ship "Stord I", veteran steam train the "Old Vossebane" and veteran buses.

“D/S Stord I” is a restored steam boat from 1913 with a solid steam engine and interior as in 1931. All the ship's functions can be experienced up close in the wheelhouse, engine room and on all decks. The lounge facilities are divided into 1st class and 2nd class with own lounges for ladies and gentlemen, but the old gender division is of course not practiced anymore! Snacks, coffee, tea, mineral water, beer and wine can also be bought onboard.

Enjoy the scenic fjord cruise:
When "Stord I" sails on “Byfjorden” you can admire Bergen city where it lies between "The 7 Mountains". From the boat you can see cultural monuments such as the "Bryggen" and the "costal culture center in Sandviken" and you can get a good view of mount "Fløyen". During the cruise you can see how Bergen’s industry and housing has developed along the fjord.

The fjord landscape around the municipality's many islands is tied together with bridges. To the west we have the Askøy bridge and to the north we meet the Nordhordlands bridge, which is 1 614 meters long and Norway's second longest bridge. Since the fjord is so deep, the bridge has no side anchoring and it makes it the world's longest pontoon bridge without side anchoring. The Nordhordlands bridge separates the Salhusfjord and Osterfjord.

Osterfjorden has its name after Osterøya, which is Europe's largest inland island. On the south side of the Osterfjord we have newer industrial areas where you’ll find the Rolls Royce ship engine factory. Further into the fjord we have Ytre Arna, where the country's first cotton factory was built in 1846. The factory is now a partial industrial museum, but textiles are still being produced here today. The brand is Oleana which has a collection of beautiful garments and gorgeous accessories in exclusive materials.

Veteran steam train:
By the pier at Garnes the passengers move from the steamship "Stord I" to the steam train to the Old Vossebane. The train runs with a real steam engine, built in 1913 on Hamar, and has teak carriages from the 1920s and 30s. Along the way you can experience a beautiful landscape when the train passes through the fjord areas, close to the sea and water on one side and steep mountainside on the other. The train runs the 18-kilometer-long stretch between Garnes station and Haukeland station.

Sit down, relax and enjoy a wonderful Sunday while gazing at the fjord landscape trough windows or enjoy Sunday lunch on board the Old Vossebane's classic dining car from 1937. The diner is lovingly restored by volunteers and is the last classic carriage that is still in regular traffic in Norway. Experience white tablecloths, white porcelain, waiters in uniforms and great dining experiences, and take a trip back to a bygone era! Bring your family or friends for lunch, have a romantic lunch for two or just by yourself. With us, you will find a nice atmosphere and good dining experiences in the dining car for every occasion. Pre-booking is recommended.

The trips in 2023 will be run with diesel locomotives, but with teak carriages and dining carriage.

Veteran bus:
Passengers then proceed to the veteran bus where the bus is presented and the story behind it is told. On our way to Bergen we drive across Nesttun, Paradise, Fantoft, Old Nygårdsbro and along the quays.

Departure: «Stord I» departure from Holbergskaien at 11.00 to Garnes. From Garnes to Midttun by steam train and from Midttun by veteran bus back to Holbergskaien at 16.30.

Alternatively: Veteran bus from Holbergskaien at 11.05 to Midttun, by steam train from Midttun to Garnes and with the steamship «Stord I» ) from Garnes to Holbergskaien / Bergen at 16.30.

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Source: Visit Bergen


Bergen Heritage Tour

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