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Berger museum

Berger museum is one of the country's most preserved industrial society's, with fascinating art and cultural experiences, and the story of Berger blankets big success.

Jørg Jebsen got hired by Jens J Jebsen & Co in 1953 after he had gotten a degree in textile. When Jørg Jebsen took over as manager in 1970 and looking further to 1980s he felt the need to preserve the story of the Berger and Fossekleven factory. He started by collecting objects and systematically organising it. When technology changed, and machines got modernised, it was especially important for Jebsen to save the old textiles and sketches.     

Berger museums archives consist of objects from Berger and Foddekleven factory, Berger School, Berger sports team, Berger band, Berger church, Berger farm etc. The Jebsen family’s story is important when looking at the industrialization of Norway. The archives show the development of the textile industry over the span of 122 years. It shows interesting developments in wage, trade unions, technological development and much more.

The collection consists of pattern sketches bought from Germany and Sweden. Some can be tracked back to before 1910. At Berger factory makes textiles based upon both Norwegian and international design. German companies sold a lot of patterns, companies such as Schlegel &Løwenstein og Albert Diettrich in Chemnitz, Hermann Rossbach in Mylau, and Richard Metzner in Gera.

Source: Visit Vestfold


Berger museum

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