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Bien centro

Italian restaurant. Experience real Neapolitan pizza and homemade pasta on the basement floor of Permanenten (Kode Art Museums), in the center of Bergen.

Bien centro is an Italian trattoria and pizzeria. The menu consists of pizza, pasta, appetizers, and desserts. The pizza is baked in a wood-fired oven from Naples, Built by Stefano Ferrarra. Stefano Ferrara has been named one of the world's very best oven makers. The craftsmanship in the oven is reflected in our pizza. The Neapolitan pizza has a high crispy edge that is a little soft inside and has a thin bottom in the middle. The flagship is "margarita" which was named after the Queen of Naples when she took the streeetfood, Pizza into the castle. Our Topping is both classic and modern.

The pasta is freshly made every day, and the dishes are a selection of our favorites from large parts of Italy.

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Last updated: 11/14/2023

Source: Visit Bergen

Bien centro

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