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Bike rental

The city bikes in Gjøvik

If you want to rent bicycles in Gjøvik, we recommend downloading the app "ShareBike" which allows you to rent electric bicycles arranged by Gjøvik municipality. Inside the app, you will see an overview of where you can pick up and deliver the bikes.

- Read more about the city bikes in Gjøvik and how it works here.

BUA Gjøvik

BUA, the equipment center for children and young people, is another service that lends out bicycles and other sports equipment for free. When borrowing from BUA, you can reserve a bicycle or other equipment at and borrow it for up to one week.

BUA in Gjøvik is open Thursday 15.00-18.00 and Saturday 12.00-16.00.

Hovdetun with address Parkveien 8, is where you pick up the equipment.

   Telephone: 919 25 084


Source: Visit Innlandet


Bike rental

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