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Bjørkum Gard

Bjørkum Gard is located in Lærdal with two high quality cottages on a farm with a beatiful view to the Lærdal river. Open all year.

Timber cottage (41sq.) + new well equipped cottage w/4 bedrooms , terrace, barbecue etc.

The farm Søndre Bjørkum is located in Lærdal County,aprox 130 m altitude,17 km from Lærdal Centrum.The oldest farmer we know about is from the 1600 and his name was Johannes.To day the farmers are:Olav Ingemann and Ole Johan Bjørkum.

We have cows and sheep on our farm.We also have two cabins for rent,different kinds of hunting and salmonfishing.The river who belongs to the farm is 2845 m,but has been closed since 1997,when it was infected by the parasite Gyrodactilus Salaris.The summer 2001 it was allowed some fishing for salmon and seatrout.The river is under treatment of a new metalproject,but contemporary we can fish.

In the mountain we have a restorated cabin aprox 1093 altitude,which we used for hunting,holidays and look after our sheep.

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


Bjørkum Gard

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