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Boat route from Florø to Måløy - Kystvegsekspressen

If you want to travel between the cities of Florø and Måløy, the Kystvegsekspressen is a great alternative.

Kystvegsekspressen is an efficient way to get from Florø to Måløy. There are also connections to other stops on the route.


Kystvegsekspressen, which is operated by fjord1, departs from Fugleskjærskaia. You can buy tickets in the skyss app, or on board.

Together with the express boat between Bergen and Selje, Kystvegsekspressen provides several boat routes between Florø and Måløy every day.

At you can enter your departure and arrival times and the time you wish to travel, and you will see all the timetables to the given destination.

Source: Visit FjordKysten


Boat route from Florø to Måløy - Kystvegsekspressen

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