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Bow hunting experience in the wood

This tour is conducted by Nature Bow Game. You will learn how to use bow and arrows to hit a target, and after you’ve become an Archer, we will go hunting different, realistic-looking animal figures together in a natural set-up in the woods.

Your adventure starts in front of Polaria (Tromsø City Centre) where I will pick you up by car. After 25 minutes driving I will bring you to a splendid island just outside Tromsø, where you will be equipped with a bow and some arrows and trained on how to use them with precision and safety. After that we will go for a 2.5 hours hike: there are realistic animal figures naturally set in the woods. You will have to spot and shoot at them like in a true hunt!

An authentic adventure, an archaic, strong experience for young and old, men and women: we are all hunters. No animal gets harmed.

Included: archery course, rain clothes, water bottle, head mosquito net, hot drinks and biscuits, archery equipment.
Please bring: windproof jacket, hiking boots/shoes
Departure time and place: 10:00AM (10.00) and 04:00PM (16.00) outside Polaria
Duration: approx. 4 hours
Number of participants: 3-7
Lower age limit: 14
Level of difficulty: medium

NB! In order to join this tour, you must sign a responsibility disclaimer. The disclaimer will be handed to you at the meeting point. The activity can not be performed in case of snow-covered ground (the snow would disguise the targets and the arrows you shoot)

Our meeting point is located in the parking in front of Polaria, an easy to find location very close to the city centre on Tromsø (precisely at Hjalmar Johansens gate 14, 9007 Tromsø, 69°38'38.6"N 18°56'53.9"E - 69.644058, 18.948306) (

Source: Visit Tromsø-Region


Bow hunting experience in the wood

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