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Breheimen Naturprodukt

Breheimen Naturprodukt offers game meat and honey from nature reserves.

It is a small family business in Stryn. They offer meat products made from wild reindeer, wild deer and moose (sirloin steaks, fillets, rump steaks, burgers, sausages etc.), which they have mainly hunted themselves. They also have two special types of honey from their own apiary. The first is Lindhonning honey from Flostranda nature reserve, which has Northern Europe’s largest area of wild linden forest, and the second is bell heather honey, which has a unique consistency and taste. They sell the products themselves through farmer’s markets and you might just meet them in the centre of Stryn.

You’ll be able to taste game and honey of the highest quality and it would be hard to get much closer to nature.

Source: Nordfjord


Breheimen Naturprodukt

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