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Brenndalen valley og Brenndalsbreen glacier

The hike to Brenndalen valley is easy and child-friendly in beautiful scenery. Area: Oldedalen valley Type: Hike/walk Classification: Easy Distance to Setrane: 1.8 km Distance to Brenndalen: 3.6 km Season: April–September

Starting point and parking at Aabrekk Farm. The hike to Brenndalen valley is on a forest road. From the viewpoint at the pasture farm, you look out over the Oldedalen valley and up towards Vollfossen waterfall. You can walk on to the Brenndalsbreen glacier from here. It’s dangerous to walk too close to the glacier due to falling ice, so stick to the smooth rocks. Brenndalen is a hanging valley with steep mountainsides ending in the Oldedalen valley. Just before you get to the viewpoint at Brenndalselet, it’s possible to take a detour to Setrane. There used to be three forest barns standing here that were used to store hay. In 2016, a new barn was built in the old cog-jointed timber style. You can also continue to Jakobsbu cabin from Brenndalen valley. Just follow the signs.

Source: Nordfjord


Brenndalen valley og Brenndalsbreen glacier

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