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BUNAD - Elaboate handicraft for festive occasions

Come to Bunadsaum and experience  our historic  exhibition of current and past bunads used in North-Trøndelag from 1910 till today.  

The Bunad (national costume) is a celebration/party outfit that will never be out of fashion and the current owners of Bunadsaum in Inderøy are the 3. and 4. generation producing the elaborate costumes.

Bunds for both ladies and men
Bunadsaum make both North-Trønder bunad and Norwegian Mountain village bunad. The female North-Trønder bunad ia available in the colours blue, rust red and burgundy, while the male bunad is available in black and blue. The Norwegian Mountain village bunad is available in blue and off-white. In addition to producing these national costumes, Bunadsaum also offer the North-Trønder bunad for hire.

Insight into the production
When visiting Bunadsaum you will be greeted by a plethora of impressive craftsmanship exhibited in the shop. It is also possible to observe the making of the costumes in the production rooms. The seamstresses are diligently sewing and working on what ends up as the most magnificent celebration out

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Source: Innherred Reiseliv



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