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Bygdøy Royal Manor

Historic farm in full operation, surrounded by beautiful scenery and Royal heritage sites

Bygdø Royal Manor is an organic farm located at the islet of Bygdøy. It is open to the public at designated times and by appointment, and on Saturdays in spring and autumn, everyone is welcome to visit the grounds and the animals.

The Manor has been linked with the Norwegian Royal family since 1305, when King Haakon V Magnusson gave the islet of Bygdøy as a gift to his queen Eufemia. The main building was built in 1733 by Count Christian Rantzau, and is presently a summer residence used by H.M. King Harald V.

Today, the farm is home to 60 dairy cows, 90 calves, 20 sheep and 12 ponies, pigs, hens and rabbits. Norwegian heritage breeds are well represented, and in addition to the well-known Norwegian Red, the livestock includes Old Norwegian Short Tail Landrace and traditional horse and rabbit breeds.

Bygdøy Royal Manor is Oslo’s largest producer of milk. The farm has its own dairy manufacturing facility, and a large greenhouse, Gartneriet, that grows flowers, different vegetables, fruits and berries. Inside Gartneriet there’s also a café, where you can sample the farm’s dairy and produce turned into playful and tasty dishes.

A visit to Bygdøy Royal Manor can be combined with a hike in Kongeskogen (‘the royal forest’), where friendly paths take you between majestic trees, through meadows and past intriguing cultural heritage sites.

Guided tours and riding classes
Bygdøy Royal Manor offers guided tours for all kinds of groups upon request. The farm’s riding school offers courses for beginner to intermediate level.

Bygdøy Royal Manor is part of the Norwegian Folk Museum.

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Bygdøy Royal Manor

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