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Cabins by Hamar og Hedemarken Turistforening

Accommodation in the great outdoors

It is in our nature

Hamar og Hedemarken Turistforening (HHT) covers the municipalities of Hamar, Løten, Ringsaker and Stange, and is one of 57 member organisations of the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT). HHT aims to promote accessible, diverse, and eco-friendly outdoor activities, and works to preserve the outdoors and the cultural landscape. Furthermore, it organises trips for children, youth, adults and seniors, as well as peak hikes in summer and winter, glacier hikes and other glacier activities, mountain climbs, backcountry ski trips, and glacier and mountaineering courses.

Sleep well in DNT's cabins

HHT has 12 non-service, two self-service, and three staffed cabins as well as one large private hire cabin, two camps, and one day cabin. All non-service and self-service cabins are locked with the standard DNT key. Cabins for overnight stays: Morskogen vokterbolig, Gammelsaga, Fløtdamkoia, Tingstadkoia, Svartskogkoia, Savalsætra, Målia, Lageråkvisla, Snippkoia, Sandfløten, Halgutusveen, Øyungshytta, Åkersætra, and Skolla.

New premises with shop in Hamar town centre

HHT is located in Strandgata 45 in Hamar town centre. Here you can buy equipment and maps and sign up for your DNT membership, and you can arrange to borrow the DNT standard key.

Visit us for some good advice and recommendations for a memorable outdoor experience. incl. webcam/weather station at Stenfjellhytta. including all trip planning information and recommendations. an overview of HHT’s cabins. for an overview of trips and activities.

Source: Visit Hedmark AS


Cabins by Hamar og Hedemarken Turistforening

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