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Canoeing in Ogna

Paddle in Jens Kvermo's Realm - Right beneath the Skjækerfjella Mountains

Ogna is the perfect starting point for a leisurely canoe trip with family and friends. Here, you can paddle on calm river waters, disembark, enjoy meals at one of the numerous designated picnic spots, and continue your journey. The river flows gently, offering an up-close connection with nature. Ogna is ideal for both beginners and experienced paddlers. There are no rapids or waterfalls, making it a safe and straightforward paddling experience. Consider including a canoe trip in your family vacation plans for a memorable summer adventure!

The canoe trip from Hyllbrua to Støa in Ogndal was named one of the top 5 canoe trips in the country by Nationen in 2020.

Alone or with Company?
Whether you prefer solo expeditions or outings with family and friends, canoeing is a fun activity during spring, summer, and autumn. Steinkjer Municipality Forests Ogndalsbruket KF rents out canoes, and you can also opt for renting Støa, which includes sheltered seating. This trip will take you from Hyllbrua to Støa.

Distances to Hyllbrua or Storbekken
You can choose to start at either Hyllbrua or Storbekken. The endpoint is Støa, which features designated seating in a kote/gamme (traditional mud hut) included in the canoe rental. The distance from Hyllbrua to Støa is 10 km and typically takes about 4 hours at a leisurely pace. If starting from Storbekken, it's 3 km to Støa and takes approximately 1.5 hours.

Tour Description With only a 3-meter elevation difference between Hyllbrua and Støa, Ogna meanders peacefully through the landscape, featuring numerous bends and excavations. Along the way, you'll find small islands, and several designated barbecue spots are available for your picnic needs. Floating docks and launch facilities can be found at Hyllbrua and Storbekken. Keep an eye out for otters and beavers; you'll feel like you're gliding on the water. During spring, the area is abundant with birdlife, and we recommend taking a detour to Mytla, a small tributary about halfway through the trip. Here, both adults and children can enjoy a close encounter with nature, resembling a mini-expedition in itself.

Feel free to bring maps and GPS for added navigation assistance.

Directions From E6 south of Steinkjer, turn in at Shell and follow the road into the city to the second traffic light. Turn right onto Ogndalsvegen (Norges Midtpunkt). Continue for approximately 20 km to Hyllbrua (Fv 762). Steinkjer Municipality Forests Ogndalsbruket KF will transport the canoe(s) to your chosen starting point.

Practical Information:
Canoe or kayak rentals are available at designated locations in the river (life jackets included in the rental). Canoe rental is NOK 350 per canoe per day. The use of picnic areas and a picnic/BBQ spot under a roof in Støa is also included in the rental.

Canoe Rental at Lustadvatnet It is also possible to rent canoes at Lustadvatnet. Canoes are located in the boathouses by the water (see map below). Camping with campervans or hammocks is possible in this area, and we recommend paddling along the lake. Fishing with a fishing rod and otter is free.

Booking and Tailored Offers:
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Canoeing in Ogna

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