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Christineborg Guesthouse

From the Guesthouse there is a view of the conditions up the bird mountain and when the local boats take a guided tour around the island.

Christineborg Guesthouse is located on the bird island Runde, and is a provider of accommodation, courses/conferences and has a restaurant you can rent for celebrations. The guesthouse was built in 1979 and from then until 2008 has been a memorable place for many school children in the country. Runde Kystleirskole, for which the building of Christineborg Gjesthus is famous, houses many 10,000s of schoolchildren. In 2010, the guesthouse got new owners, and has since focused on maintenance to get the property upgraded and exciting for tourists to use for accommodation.

In the building you will find 19 double rooms and 10 single rooms, where 15 double rooms have been upgraded while the rest of the rooms are of older age to be upgraded. If it is desirable with a longer stay with food experiences, the guesthouse can offer this. In addition, a small kitchen has been created where one can cook a lighter meal and with a sofa corner to enjoy the food.

During the tourist season you can buy breakfast, either already on reservation or on arrival. For two-day stays or more, the guesthouse offers free stays at Sunnmørsbadet. Not far from the guesthouse is the bird mountain which is well used by visitors to the island, here you will find a rich wildlife, ancient stories and memorable walks. Another attraction on the island that is close by is the Runde enviromental center. With them you can see the treasure from the historic Dutch shipwreck "Acherendam" which went down off the island in the year 1725. They also offer Lunde safari, a trip up the bird mountain with their own guide. At Goksøyr Camping, they have sales of souvenirs, kiosk and tickets in to a boat trip with a local guide around the island should tempt.

In the coming years, the owners of Christineborg will continue to use free time to constantly upgrade the guesthouse, to make this a more attractive place for guests and visitors in the future. And the activity offer will increase in the years to come.

Source: Ålesund & Sunnmøre


Christineborg Guesthouse

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