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Christmas Dinner at Yttervik farm

Have your Christmas party at Yttervik farm in Beistad, Steinkjer with atmospheric premises in a green house!

Even before you get to the farm, you can sense the atmosphere that will meet you in Yttervik.
The dark pre-Christmas evenings are lit by candles and torches that shine from the greenhouse walls.

* Christmas Dinner with dessert and coffee.
   Belly pork, pinnekjøtt (lamb ribs) or lutefisk (dried cod treated with lye)      with accessories-NOK 380. Welcome drink included.
* Christmas pantry with Christmas food-NOK490. Welcome drink included.
* Three course dinner (menu by agreement)- NOK390-450
* Two course dinner (menu by agreement)- NOK270-350
* Ytterviks party table-NOK430
* Startup cost NOK2,000

Any midnight snack is additional
Drinks are extra.

Your Christmas party may need some music or entertainment?

Here are some suggestions we have good experience with:

* Phonix Reel - tremendous good Irish tones and swinging dance music. Rates on request.
* Leif Strandvik - one-man band who know how and when to set the mood. Rates on request.
* Kjeidar - Kjell Vidar Haugan and Almlid entartain with their funny anecdotes, telegrams and songs. Rates on request.

Source: Innherred Reiseliv


Christmas Dinner at Yttervik farm

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