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Christmas Market Bærums Verk

Every year before Christmas, the traditional Christmas market is held at Bærums Verk. It is considered one of the best and most charming in the Oslo region and there are a number of activities for kids and adults. Get the good Christmas feeling, experience handicrafts in the old workers' houses, a fantastic Christmas market and delicious local delicatessen from the Farmer's Market. Learn the stories of Christmas at Verket 1814 from the guided tours. And the kids would love to go for a tour with the Horse and Cart. There is a total of six eateries to enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner, and 40 exciting shops where you can do your Christmas shopping.

Join a historical walk or a sculpture park tour when you admire the country´s largest expo of Norwegian three-dimensional art : Let the little ones take part in fun Christmas workshops. The last four Sundays before Christmas Eve, you can buy locally-sourced treats – for yourself or to put under the Christmas tree at the Farmer’s Market. In beautiful surroundings by the Lomma river, Bærums Verk has rows of old wooden houses housing artisan workshops, art- and jewelry galleries, the iron smith (22nd July monument in Oslo), glass blowers and restaurants. At Klart Glass discover how the most exquisite glasses are being blown, or maybe blow your own!

We recommend to enjoy a gourmet meal at the charming historic Værtshuset Inn, the oldest eatery on historic ground. For informal dining we suggest the Pizza- or Pancake restaurant. Bærums Verk is easily accessible by bus from Oslo. 

Horse and carriage

Sit in the carriage behind the horse and join us for a short trip up the river Lomma. the sound of tinkling bells and lights from torches will get you in the Christmas spirit.

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Christmas Market Bærums Verk

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