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Coastal trails in Horten

The hiking opportunities are many. Horten has an exciting cultural history dating back to the Iron Age. The medieval Viking Age has also left some traces in Horten, so there is a lot to discover for those searching to find treasures around Horten's many excursions.

History, culture and nature all in one
Horten is a coastal municipality with a 40 kilometer long coastline from Tønsberg municipality to the south, and to Re municipality in the north. 

Popular trails
* Sandsletta - Frebergvika - Slettefjell - Varnestangen
* Falkensten - Varnestangen
* Løvøya around
* Karljohansvern around
* Coastal Horten - Borre - Åsgårdstrand (Signed as Cycle Route No. 1)
* Coastal road Åsgårdstrand - The border to Tønsberg municipality

17 km long hiking path
The coastal path in Horten is part of the North Sea Route, and extends from Falkensten / Løvøya in the north to Åsgårdstrand in the south. Along the 17 km long trail you can wander in surroundings characterized by silence, peace and quiet. Nature here is diverse. It has large features of Edelløv forest and many nice places to sit down with a snack to listen to birdsong and waves.

Maps of historical trails
Detailed maps of historic hiking trails in Horten municipality are available at

Bicycle Paradis
Are you interested in cycling in beautiful nature, Horten has great cycling trails. Horten city is surrounded by breathtaking scenery with both flat stretches like the ones between Åsgårsstrand and Horten, and with more wavy stretch over hills and fields.

16 shelters in Horten
The geography, climate and landscape of the geography has a rich diversity of animals and plants and has 16 protected areas. These will take care of rare, vulnerable and pristine landscapes, plants and animal species.

Source: Visit Vestfold


Coastal trails in Horten

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