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Day trip cabin | Selje

The day trip cabin is located on Risnakken, just above Selje center.

Access and parking
You can park in the center of Selje, at the school or possibly at Kyrkjevegen. If you paddle, you can park the kayak at the service building / Seljesanden, possibly with a floating dock in the marina.

Arrival by public transport
Bus: Get off at the bus shed at Selje school.
Boat: From quay towards Seljesanden. Then you see the trail straight ahead.

The path to the cottage

The tour starts in Skogaveien by the doctor's yard. You walk approx. 100 meters on the road towards the church. Then you will see signs and the start of the stairs towards Risnakken on the right side of the road. There are steep but good steps. The trail is a light set and can be used throughout the year. From Risnakken there is a marked path towards Kvenshusdalen (there is fishing lake) and on to the highest peak in Selje: Tarvalds River. You can also take it as a small tour. It goes from Risnakken and further back towards Djupedalen. This trail will soon be upgraded to a hiking trail, so that even more get up to the day hut and see the amazing view. At Risnakken there is also an outdoor training apparatus, a gap hike and play area. And not least a fantastic view of Selje city center, the sand, Selja, and Stadthavet.

The cabin is about 135 meters above sea level. The trip up takes 10-30 minutes depending on the pace.

Source: Nordfjord


Day trip cabin | Selje

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