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Eidsfoss is located between the lakes Bergsvannet and Eikeren north in Vestfold. If you go there you will arrive at a charming village with an exciting history. Here you can enjoy the tranquillity, good food and drink and at the same time learn more about an important part of our cultural heritage; the iron works.

Take a tour along the cultural trail that goes through beautiful scenery and exciting historic buildings or book a tour in advance. At Hovedgården you can find out how the owners of the Jernverket lived while strolling through the partially restored baroque garden. There are people living in the three well-kept working areas today, and in some of them there are galleries and museum exhibitions.

In the summer both Eikern and Bergsvannet offer nice bathing places.

Landhandelen is Norway’s oldest of its kind, which is still in operation, and here you are taken back to a time when the shop on the corner had it all.

At the Jernverket museum you can learn more about the 250-year history of the industrial company A / S Eidsfos verk and the local community that grew up around it. The well-preserved workers' homes form a historic framework form all the events that are held every year.

Last updated: 03/26/2024

Source: Visit Vestfold


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