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Family fun - UWC Connect

Experience the world at Haugland! Try exciting activities such as kayaking, climbing and SUP with experienced outdoor instructors. Great family fun!

Welcome to an eventful and fun weekend at Haugland. Here you can take part in many different activities and create memories as a family withour having to think about house cleaning or cooking. At UWC Connect you can get a tailormade weekend that gives you and your family the opportunity to try new activities and create new memories together as a family.

UWC Connect is beautifully situated by the bay at Haugland in Fjaler. Here you will find facilities of a high standard, and the employees will do their best to ensure that guests can take part in new experiences that create lasting and good memories. Seize the opportunity to participate in a active weekend where everything is included from arrival to departure. All activities are led by experienced instructors, and here you will find people who have a strond focus on safety.

UWC Connect has a bed capacity of 290 guests, a large meeting room and a beautiful cafeteria that serves 3 meals a day. The outdoor area is perfect for many different types of outdoor activities such as canoeing, archery, treasure hunting, outdoor cooking, climbing, guided hikes and fishing. You will also find a pool facility in the area. In the evening you can join in on a social gathering and movienight on the big screen for children.  ​​​​​​ CONTACT UWC Connect can tailor their offering to suit all types of groups! Please contact UWC for more information and prices. +47 577 37 021/+47 414 48 297 · E-post: ·

Last updated: 03/26/2024

Source: Visit FjordKysten

Family fun - UWC Connect

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