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Fiori Flower Farm

OPEN FARM SHOP & CAFE Visit our charming shop with simple cafe service on the farm throughout the autumn. Here you can buy flowers, bouquets and many fine and exciting products in the field of garden, interior and decor. Self-picking is open every day on the farm, hopefully until end of October. At FioriBlomster in idyllic Vollen, organic and edible flowers are sold for every occasion.

FioriBlomster cultivates organic flowers in Vollen. Welcom to pick your favourites.

Choose your favorite flower directly from the field for a beautiful bouquet or fill a bucket full of CUT FLOWERS - and make your own short-traveled table decor for festive occasions. You can also pick up our specialty; Organic, debio-approved EDIBLE FLOWERS that decorate any meal. Surprise your guests with beautiful edible flowers in the salad, for the dessert, on the cake or how about a colorful flower in the welcome drink?

The fields are open to the public during the growing season from August to September, Saturday and Sunday from 12.00 -14.00, or by appointment.

Events and special occations: We can deliver bouquets and table decorations throughout the growing season for weddings and events.

Courses: You can choose between courses in bouquet binding, cultivation courses for both cut flowers and edible flowers, as well as wreath courses as the year draws to a close again. Read more about our various courses.


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Last updated: 01/02/2024

Source: Visit Greater Oslo

Fiori Flower Farm

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