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Fishing i Levanger


The Levangerelva river landowners' association manages resources along the Levangerelva river. This is a good small salmon river (average weight of 1-2 kg):

- Levangerelva meanders through the landscape from Reistaddammen in Okkenhaug to the outlet at the harbor in Levanger center.
- There are hiking trails, picnic areas, cultural monuments, swimming and fishing spots.
- You will find river mussels, and a bustling bird and animal life with, among other things, beavers, otters and mink.
- Levangerelva river is a productive river with a large production of fry of sea trout and salmon.
- Average catch per year: 300 kg salmon and 100 kg sea trout.
- The river is a typical small salmon river that depends on precipitation to get large enough water flow.

Season: 1.7 - 15.8
Fishing licenses for Levangerelva river can be purchased from Intersport Gigant, Moan, Torstein Dahlen (Hegle Nedre), Steinar Hemming (Gran nedre).

The card is valid for the following areas: The state commons Reinsjø, Grønning, Migen, Ørndal and Lynum. Skogn and Grønningen Almenninger, Frol Bygdealmenning. Reistadbustaden, Tomtvasslia Østre and both sides of Forra from Fersoset to Hårskallåa. The area has several good fishing lakes. Kjøp fiskekort og se fiskeregler på

Fish population:
The fish population varies between the different lakes. Some examples are:
Tomtvatnet - nice fish up to 8-10 hg easy access road along the lake with adapted plssser.
Reinsjøen - nice fish up to 5-7 hg.
Grønningen - Active fish cultivation has given a fish of fine quality and up to 1 kg.
Storelva - Varying quality but fish over 1 kg have been caught.
Klingertjønna - Småfallen fish is close to the road and is well suited for children.

Good fishing tips:
Upper Forra / Storelva - The river is well suited for fishing and the upper parts with their currents and pools is excellent for fly fishing. The river is a popular paddle river. Fishing applies to both sides of the river. The fish is of good quality.
Tomtvatnet - otter fishing, good catches and big nice fish.

The watercourse goes from Hoplafossen to all lakes and ponds that flow there, in additio to Åltjønna and Møssingvatnet.. Exceptions are Lynvatnet and Grønningen. Managed by Hoplavassdraget Grunneierlag.
See here for fishing rules and map.
Fishing license can be bought at

Good fishing tips in the Hoplavassdraget:
Summer: fishing is best from a boat. We recommend trawling and otter fishing. Boats can be rented from several landowners around the lakes. Net fishing is also possible. See fishing rules. We recommend trying your luck fishing for trout in Fossingelva. A path has been prepared from the mouth of the Hoklingen and a hundred meters down the river. There is also an adapted path in the lower part of the river. To get there, you have to walk to the south and back of the school in Åsen center. The rivers that flow into Movatnet may also be worth a try.
Ice fishing: It can sometimes be a very good ice fishing on our three large lakes. See, where we have marked traditionally good char places on the map. It may also be worth trying new places. Be aware of ice conditions, especially outside rivers, streams and at outlets. Hoplavassdraget Grunneierlag does not assume responsibility for traffic on frozen water.

Source: Innherred Reiseliv


Fishing i Levanger

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