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Fjord Cruise to Hjørundfjord from Ålesund


Experience Hjørundfjord, the Sunnmøre Alps and the beautiful small villages along the fjord with this round trip from Ålesund to Trandal, Sæbø, Urke and Øye.

A fjord cruise to the Hjørundfjord where you get to experience steep mountains, deep fjords and an adventurous Sunnmøre nature, and the small villages along the fjord. Lower your shoulders, take a deep breath and get excited about the hospitable surroundings. The fjord cruise takes you on a roundtrip Ålesund, Trandal, Sæbø, Urke og Øye.
Make sure you book in advance to get a place on board.

Hop on - hop off in the villages along the fjord

You can also purchase one-way tickets allowing you to disembark at one of the scenic spots in Hjørundfjorden and take the boat back later or the next day.

About Cruise-Service

Cruise-Service aims to be your best host at sea, with dedicated crew who focus on your comfort and safety.

Welcome on board!

Source: Ålesund & Sunnmøre


Fjord Cruise to Hjørundfjord from Ålesund


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