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Gallery Finsrud

Explore one of the world's most versatile artists work and mind at his own gallery.

Welcome to Galleri Finsrud at Bilitt!

Galleri Finsrud has two branches, at Bilitt and Torkildstranda. Both exhibit the local multi-artist Reidar Finsrud's work, but it is Bilitt that is the foremost exhibition arena of the two.

At Billitt you can visit, among other things, see the perpetual motion machine "Perpetuum Mobile". This now world-famous perpetual motion machine came as a climax in a series of inventors' many technical constructions. At Bilitt you can also experience "Finsrud City", an impressive miniature world scaled down to 1:87, one of the world's largest miniature cities. Applicants can also see Finsrud's own women's series, a large Blücher painting and several light paintings, and tours of Finsrud itself can also be arranged.

Multi-artist Reidar Finsrud

Drøbak artist Reidar Finsrud is today regarded by many as one of the worlds most versatile artists. He works within the majority of thinkable formats and techniques. Painting, drawing, graphic and sculpturing. He does lectures at many topics, and has held his own art school since 1975. He's been thorough the fields of new and modern thinking, especially around technical inventions and industrial design. The technical insight of Mr. Finsrud is shown throughout machines like his handmade grand scaled graphic printing press, and all the machinery in context with his own techniques of casting. The now world known Finsrud Perpetual Mobile from 1996, came as a climax in the line of his numerous technical constructions. With "work years" at about 5000 hours, from the age of 16, Reidar Finsrud is today in possession of a broad experience basis at whole 110 normal annual works. If you count the "work years" and take them into consideration, Reidar Finsrud would be a 128 years old man. This may give him a little "head start".

Reidar Finsrud has also made the bronze sculpture of the three "Mermaids in Drøbak" in Drøbak boat harbour.

Read more about his gallery and his work here. 

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday: at 12.00 - 17.00 / Saturday: 12.00 - 16.00

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Gallery Finsrud

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