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Gardshaugen - Sperlestølen - Vassdalen

From old homestead to støl in Høgfjellet in Jostedalen. Steep walk in beautiful pastureland where the animals still graze.

Take off from Fv. 604 towards Jostedalen right after the tunnel in Gardsjølet, after you have passed Fossøy/Sperle. By the first intersection, you take to the left totwards Gardshaug. Contact the land owner for car parking. 

The path is well-kept and marked.

After crossing Liadøla, the slope is a bit steep up to Sperlestølen. Here there is 3 farms with cows and sheeps. Sperlestølen is about 568 meters above sea level. If this is your final destination, it is a hike for about 2 hours and 3 km.

The path from Sperlestølen towards Vassdalsvatnet is not too steep.

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


Gardshaugen - Sperlestølen - Vassdalen

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