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Gautefall Ski lodge

Ski Lodge Gautefall is a newly opened accommodation with a short distance to Gautefall ski center in winter and beautiful hiking areas in summer.

Ski Lodge Gautefall is a newly opened accommodation under the auspices of Gautefall Ski Center, with 115 units with apartments, hotel rooms, conference, restaurant, bar and a short distance to the ski center in winter and great hiking areas in summer.

The apartments
The apartments are available in different sizes, from small studio apartments of 30 sqm to large apartments of 90 sqm with space for 10-14 people in each. The apartments are located next to the ski center, right next to the Ski Lodge. You will find 115 apartments for rent here:
Our apartments are self-catering, but you can buy a la carte lunch and dinner at the Ski Lodge, if this is open during your stay. It is also allowed to have pets in some of the apartments.

In winter, Gautefall ski lodge offers shuttle bus, après ski, bar, restaurant at Rytterspranget, cafe at the ski center and lots of lego kids can play with at the ski center.

In summer, the most amazing backyard opens with lots of flowers, fish and ducks.
You can experience fantastic fishing lakes, roller skiing at the Biathlon, trail biking and hiking in the mountains that are most popular with tourists.
We recommend the trip to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Course and conference
We have good conference facilities, where we can offer half-day and full-day events as well as a mix of conference and team building in collaboration with GautefallEvent.

You can rent the room to arrange weddings, birthdays, confirmations and the like.

The histori of Gautefall Ski center
Gautefall ski center is run by the Roalstad family, 2nd generation general manager at Gautefall Ski Center and general manager of Ski Lodge Gautefall.
They took over the ski center in 2011 after working there since its inception in the late 1970s. In 2015, they bought Gautefall Hotell and renovated the place which is now Ski Lodge Gautefall.

At Gautefall there is a short way to everything, and shopping opportunities are in Treungen approx. 10 min from our apartments.

Menu and info at the ski lodge are regularly updated here.

The easiest way to get to Gautefall is by car or bus, the bus goes via Drangedal, where there is also a train station, then there is bus 602 that runs between Drangedal and Treungen. There is parking for cars at all apartments. From Skien, drive FV 356 over to FV 38 (just follow the road), where you take off to FV 358 towards Gautefall ski center. From Treungen, follow RV 41 onto FV358. 

Source: Telemarkreiser AL


Gautefall Ski lodge

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