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Glacier Kayak at Møsevatnet, Folgefonna


To paddle at Møsevatnet is a special experience. The tour is spectacular and an experience you won´t forget!


This is not a daily trip but arranged if there are 2 or more participants (or pay for 2 pax). Maximum capacity is 8 pax. 

In booking process, it must be agreed where to meet and if you want to bring your own lunch or not. After safety introduction and adjustment of equipment, we are ready to start the paddle.

The kayak trip is about 3 km in distance, we paddle along shore on our way to the glacier. At a beach nearby the glacier we park the kayaks and eat lunch while we take a close look on the glacier. This is a "young" glacier arm of Folgefonna; the glacier is about 5000 years old, but 1500 years ago, the ice was not present in this valley, guide will tell you more. After lunch we go back to the kayak and paddle back to start point.

Normal duration for this trip is 6 hour (start and stop in Rosendal)


From 1th of July until 15th of September but depend on when lake is free for winter ice.    Total time length 6-7 hours. The total paddle tour is about 5 km.


Folgefonni Breførarlag recommend bringing wool underwear, sunglasses and sun lotion.   All your clothing can be wet if you are unlucky and turn over; please bring extra set of clothing so you can change after the trip if needed. You should also bring a towel. No warm shower is available.

Folgefonni Breførarlag provides all necessary kayaking equipment including dry suits.

Fitting for

All people above 15 years old and in normal conditions. The trip will be adjusted for the whole group.

Meeting point

Outside tourist office in Rosendal, by the Folgefonn centre, 10:30 (if nothing else is agreed).

Travel to Rosendal

Travelling to Rosendal is easy. The village is connected by buses, boats and roads from Bergen, Oslo and Stavanger. If you rely on public transportation, we recommend taking the express boat leaving twice daily from Bergen to Rosendal, in less than 2 hours.

Source: Samarbeidsrådet for Sunnhordland


Glacier Kayak at Møsevatnet, Folgefonna


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