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Gunlanuten - hike

Gunlanuten (829 masl) is the highest point on Jøsneset. Nuten is located high and free on the peninsula, and is surrounded by Jøsenfjorden, Ombofjorden and Erfjord.

Follow the Rv 13 road to Nesvik, the ferry quay north of the Jøsenfjord. Follow the signs towards Skiftun and then towards Foss. Park at the end of the road in Foss. Follow the forest road up some steep hillsides, past Fosstemmen, where there is a lean-to shelter, fire pans and canoes, to Skiftunstølvatnet lake and then walk on a good waymarked path to Gunlanuten, the highest point on the Jøsneset peninsula with panoramic views of the Jøsenfjord, Ombofjord and Erfjord.

Source: Reisemål Ryfylke


Gunlanuten - hike

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