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Heidal Ysteri

In the mountain village of Heidal, at the gates of Jotunheimen, Heidal Ysteri makes the traditional Heidal cheese and good oldfashioned «rømmegraut», sour cream porridge.

"Heidal Ysteri makes Heidal cheese and sour cream porridge («rømmegraut»).

Heidal cheese comes in different varieties. The shaped cheese is our «finery cheese». It is a strong symbol of Norwegian culture and tradition and we consider it an honour to be able to carry it forward to the next generation. The moulds that are used in the production of the cheeses are made by a local woodcarver.

The plain cheese is our «everyday cheese». This cheese is plain, without pattern. All of our cheeses taste the same, only the shape, size and pattern varies.

We also make the traditional Norwegian «rømmegraut» which is a porridge made with sour cream.

The cheese and porridge are available in the shop at the craft store nextdoor, in our webshop, and in well assorted shops elsewhere in Norway.

The cheese factory is open for guided tours. Here you can see what we do, taste our products and listen to our history. We can serve groups up to 25 persons. You can also opt for just coffee. Guided tours only by appointment."

Source: Nasjonalparkriket Reiseliv AS


Heidal Ysteri

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