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Vestre Slidre

Helle Kjøtt

Hellekurv (cured sausages) and Hellekaker (meatballs/burgers) are both products that are well known specialities in Valdres.  Helle Kjøtt AS combines the use of high quality ingredients, good craftsmanship and traditional recipes in order to produce products of high quality and exceptional taste. The company is located in Fosheim in Røn (Vestre Slidre Municipality), and is run by brothers Normann and Svein Helle.

Hellekurven  is a salami made from beef, beef-tripe and pork. Production takes place from December to April, with the curing process occurring until June. The unique cold and dry mountain air in the bu'n (storehouse) assists with the curing process. Hellekurven has a "protected geographical meaning" and belongs to one of the Norwegian  food treasures:
Hellekaker are tasty "hamburgers" produced from beef and pork meat. They are juicy, with a good onion and meat taste. Hellekaker are commonly served at parties and events.
Karbonade is a good old-fashioned carbonnade based on beef and pork. For many decades, Karbonade has been a popular dish served at mealtimes in Valdres.
Kalvekjøt (veal meat) can be obtained from local farming. It is possible to order a full or half veal: portion packed, and ready to store in the freezer.

Moose and deer meat from local animals can be delivered in the autumn.

We can provide cut and packaged meat of wild (field approved) and lamb, pigs and cattle slaughtered at the public approved slaughterhouse.

Our products can be bought in any grocery stores in Valdres.

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Source: Valdres Destinasjon


Helle Kjøtt

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