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Herregården, the count's resident, was made for the count Ulrik Fredrik Gyldenløve, stadtholder and owner of Larvik county.

The building was built in 1674 and was finished in 1677 just in time for Gyldenløve’s third wedding. “Herregården” stands as an example of continental 17th century baroque architecture in Norway, the building was also influenced by Norwegian building traditions. The building was protected in 1923, and it’s now a part of Larvik Museums.

In the east wing there’s a café that sells coffee and pancakes. And on the first floor there is remains of an old classroom as it once were used as a school.

The museum is open every day in summer season from the mid og June to the mid of August. With fun activities for families and a chance to experience the counts life. While walking around the building a guide will tell you all the stories of the counts.

Except the summer season, Herregården is open to the public by appointment. Events take place throughout the year, but only on special occasions in the winter.

See also Verksgården and the maritime museum.
You can visit all three museums on the same ticket.

Source: Visit Vestfold



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