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Østre Toten


The beautiful Hervenknappen peak is situated in the Totenåsen hills in Østre Toten, 784 metres above sea level. From the summit you can see vast expanses of the inland region of eastern Norway. In fact, from the top of Hervenknappen you can see more of Norway than from most other mountain peaks in the country.
- Looking east, you can see as far as Sälen in Sweden.
- The view to the west is of Vassfaret and Norefjell.
- Turning towards the north, you can enjoy the vistas of the Hemsedalsfjellene, Jotunheimen and Rondane mountain ranges.

You can access Hervenknappen in two ways:
Easy trip
If you want a short trip you can go by car to Herva and walk along the marked trail to Hervenknappen. The hike takes around 30 minutes at a relaxed pace.

Directions from Skreia to Herva:

Follow the signs to Torsætra from the centre of Skreia, turn left towards Herva when you reach the old residential home and follow the road until you can't get any further... :)

Medium+ trip
For those who are moderately fit, the trip to Hervenknappen offers a great hiking experience. The most clearly marked path leads from Evjua Strandpark up to Totenåsen. The path is marked in blue and the route takes you via Oppgardssætra, on to Herva and ends at the highlight of the trip: Hervenknappen.
- Estimated duration: Around 2.5 hours

Have a nice trip!

Source: Visit Innlandet



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