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Hiking trip to Sukkertoppen - the Sugar Top - in Ålesund

From Sukkertoppen (The Sugar Top 314 masl.), you can get a magnificent view with both city, coast and fjord in one!

From the centre of Ålesund you can drive, bicycle or take the local bus ( to Hessa and eventually park at the primary school (only after school-time), just west of the roundabout in Hessaskaret. Alternativ for parking is an open space at Osane, at the right side of the mountain before the hill up to Hessaskaret. 


Cross the road above the school and follow the Sukkertoppvegen westwards until you find the sign where the path starts, at the right by number 22. The path is gravelled in the beginning, passes a grove and the path is clearly visible (but might be wet and dirty) all the way to the top. You are past half the way when passing the transmitter mast. An unforgettable view expects you!

Source: Ålesund & Sunnmøre


Hiking trip to Sukkertoppen - the Sugar Top - in Ålesund

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