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Holmen Lofoten


Our connection to nature is largely who we are.

Holmen Lofoten is a tiny, family run hotel and restaurant set amongst a huddle of converted fisherman’s cabins on the shores of Norway’s wild and rugged Lofoten Islands.We’ve also built some new rooms fusing traditional and modern methods and materials, to offer all the comforts you need in classic Scandinavian style.

We are completely led by the forces of nature in this dramatic setting between sea and mountain with the weather wild and ever changing. Holmen is far from an ordinary hotel, it is our home, and we invite you to share our history, culture and stories. Holmen was created by Ingunn who grew up here, playing on the quayside. Her family lived off the land and sea, fishing and foraging.

Ingunn strives to preserve her deep northern Norwegian heritage, and invites you and others to create your own contribution.

Holmen Lofoten has undergone a meticulous restoration process, with a focus on maintaining the original structure and historical design. Our fisherman’s cabins stand as a testament of the past. We also care deeply about our natural surroundings with a large focus on sustainable thinking and a commitment to environmentally-friendly decisions. In 2021 we received our Eco-Lighthouse certification.

You can hire Holmen for a private event, eat in our truly seasonal restaurant, stay in our rooms or join us at our Kitchen On The Edge events where brilliant chefs and bright thinkers come to our far-flung corner to cook, talk and explore the landscape.


Hotel rooms:
• Sleep 1 or 2
• Double or twin
• Shower room
• Tea and coffee facilities
• Compact rooms in a minimalist Scandinavian style, all with mountain or ocean views

Rorbuer (cabins) min. 3 night stay:
• Sleep 5, 10 or 11
• Traditional wooden bunk beds (small doubles)
• Shower room
• Kitchenette
• Living space with wood fired stove
• Larger cabins have a loft space and second bathroom
• The true Lofoten experience!

• Sleep 2 or 4
• 2 double rooms
• Shower room and sauna
• Kitchenette and living space with wood fired stove
• Luxuriousness, modern Nordic design with panoramic ocean views

All accommodation options include our delicious breakfast service. More info on

Hjertelig velkommen!

Source: Destination Lofoten


Holmen Lofoten


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