Holmen Lofoten

Our connection to nature is largely who we are.

Escaping from the constant hum of everyday life and relishing the space to breathe. We enjoy the quiet and remote. Truly thriving in all kinds of weather up here in the north. We are located at the edge of Sørvågen village; somewhat off the beaten track. We are immensely proud of our Lofoten heritage and roots. We seek to protect and preserve this way of life in daily practice. Holmen Lofoten has undergone a meticulous restoration process, with a focus on maintaining the original structure and historical design. Our fisherman’s cabins stand as a testament of times of past. In other aspects of preserving, we seek to protect our natural surroundings with a large focus on sustainable thinking and a commitment to environmentally-friendly decisions. Holmen Lofoten offers various types of accommodation catering to your needs and comfort. All accommodation options include our delicious breakfast service. Fisherman’s cabins Cabin capacity for sleeping up to 5, 10 or 11 guests Hotel Double and twin rooms, sleeping 1 or 2 guests Our hotel carries a minimalist Scandinavian style while overlooking our surrounding mountains and ocean. Offering all the modern comforts for a great sleep. Suite apartments (under construction early 2019) Apartment with two double rooms, sleeping up to 4 guests

Last updated: 08/14/2023

Source: Destination Lofoten

Holmen Lofoten

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