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Horisont – art and food

Combine spectacular views with renowned Norwegian art and local food.

Chef Niklas Werner hails from Herøy. He focuses on simple lunch dishes made with local ingredients, often sourced from nearby waters.

This unique venue is situated in the midst of the shipping lane between Stadt and Ålesund. At Horisont Restaurant, you can experience a bustling maritime industry, with views of docks just 20 meters away, where large fishing vessels come and go daily.

Horisont Art and Food is a package that includes:

Lunch buffet

Entry to the Gallery

Tour of the renowned art collection of Ervik & Sævik

About Horisont

In the archipelago by the Stadt Sea stands the building "Horisont". Here, you'll meet people who operate in unconventional ways, in a blend of the rugged fishing profession—where inspiration and motivation are drawn from the world of art.

Experience the owners' own art collection, visit the house's own gallery, featuring exhibitions by Norway's foremost artists. Exhibitors in 2022 included Magne Furuhomen and Nico Widerberg. Exhibitors in 2023: Karin Augusta Nogva, the renowned Håkon Bleken, Louise Maasgard, and Per Lysggard.

Source: Ålesund & Sunnmøre


Horisont – art and food

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