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Voted Norway's best trail network

Simply Norway's best hike

As part of the national way-marking initiative "Turskiltprosjektet" in 2019, the sports club Ilseng IL and the HHT trekking association was awarded top spot for Norway’s best hike – the trail network “Ilsengstiene”. It has also been recommended as a model facility for the trails and trekking conference “Stikonferansen”. – What we have been looking for is a trail that in addition to offering all the qualities expected of a good hike is also a good example of how to utilise local resources to benefit as many users as possible, said the head of the jury, Lasse Heimdal, who is the secretary general of Norsk Friluftsliv.

Ilsengstiene is a 25 km network of way-marked trails in the area surrounding the village of Ilseng in Stange municipality. The main route is 10 km long, and starts at the sports ground at Ilseng. A great opportunity to explore forests, open cultural landscapes, farm tracks, rivers, and spectacular bridges.

The trail network is a collaboration between 20 landowners, Ilseng IL, and HHT. 

Parking is available by the sports ground and on the western side of Ilseng prison (tractor track towards the forest). It is also possible to get the train (the Røros line) to Ilseng station, and then follow the signs north-east to “Gressbane”/“Ilseng fengsel”.

The cultural history of river Svartelva

Svartelva once powered Aadals Brug, Klevfos, and as many as 15 mills. As it meanders through Ilseng, it is joined by three tributaries; Starelva, Fura, and Lageråa. Starelva runs through the Starene wetland area, which is an important bird migration site. Starene Feltstasjon, set up by BirdLife Norge (NOF), is Innlandet's main bird ringing station. Between 165 and 170 different bird species have been recorded at Starene. Bird watching in this area comes highly recommended, particularly in spring.

Source: Visit Hedmark AS



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