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Inderøy Mosteri

Pure apple juice from one of the northernmost apple orchards in the world

Together with many good friends, Maren and Yngve run a small adventure along the Golden Route in beautiful Inderøy. Here you get natural experiences and real products, served with passion.

The northernmost commercial apple orchard in the world
Inderøy Mosetri produces apple juice, cider and other drinks and fruit with passion and in the typical Trøndelag climate.  They grow their own apples in one of the northernmost commercial apple orchards in the world, and the short, intense season with long, bright summer nights results in fresh, tart and deliciously sweet apples.

They process the apples in their own premises at Oppstu'n, just below Øyna Kulturlandskapshotell and Husfrua gårdshotell.

Inderøy Mosteri also processes other types of fruit and berries and unique flavours from the region and nature, as well as pressing garden apples for the local population in Innherred and on the Fosen peninsula.

The farm shop
They have their own farm shop with products from the area and products that they think go well with their drinks.

Tastings and guided tours
They offer tastings, both with and without alcohol. You can also take part in flower walks in season and guided tours of the premises.

Honour and glory
In 2022, Inderøy Mosteri won Product of the Year in the open category at the Trøndersk Matfestival with its apple juice "Zari". In the winter of 2023, Elstar was named Norway's best apple juice, and in August of the same year, Elstar won the beverage category at the Trønder Food Festival.

Opening hours:
Farm shop open all year
Mon - Fri: 9 - 15
Extended opening hours

Source: Innherred Reiseliv


Inderøy Mosteri

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