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Jostedalsbreen National Park Centre

Jostedalsbreen National Park visitor centre is situated north of mainland Europe’s largest glacier. The visitor centre is placed in the middle of the Norwegian fjord landscape, closely entwined by lush valleys and steep mountains. At the visitor centre you can learn more about the natural values, cultural heritage and history of the people living near the national park.

The visitor centre is situated at the beautiful Oppstryn lake and is an authorized visitors’ centre. The building is designed based on the same principles as a viking house and is approximately as long as the longest viking longhouse found in Norway. At the centre you can learn how life close to the glacier has been through time. You can also find out how the landscape in the local area has been affected by the glaciers and how the glaciers are changing today. At the centre you can get a unique insight in the tragical and dramatic natural disasters in Loen valley, browsing through a digitized collection of newspapers clips from 1936.
In the botanical garden you can enjoy the beautiful view of Oppstryn lake, mountains, glaciers, and rivers surrounding the centre. Experience the rich biodiversity that Norwegian nature has to offer.In the geological park you can see 26 rocks gathered from the regions: Nordfjord, Sunnfjord and Sogn. Join us on a geological journey through millions of years.The centre also has a dining hall for 115 people with a panoramic view over the lake of Oppstryn. There is also a café that serves coffee/tea and cookies, as well as gift shop with stone jewellery, Norwegian designed goods, local food, books and more.

Last updated: 08/14/2023

Source: Nordfjord

Jostedalsbreen National Park Centre

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