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Jotunheimen e-sport

Jotunheimen e-sport is one of Norway’s first centers dedicated to e-sports and gaming. With the most modern machine park, fastest internet and efficient management systems, the center is tailored for gaming, events, tournaments and streaming-production.

Teambuilding And Corporate Events

Jotunheimen e-sport welcomes companies of all sizes to arrange their your social events, gaming activities, board games, shuffleboard and VR. A large social area by the bar provides space for approx. 50 pcs, and a total of 90 PCs available. Food to order (burger, pizza, cold buffet, tapas, etc.) and the opening hours are adapted to the company’s wishes. If you just want to relax, you can just kick back and watch e-sports on one of the many TV screens in the e-sports bar.

Gaming Birthday And Other Events

Gather your friends to a fun gaming birthday with the best PCs on the market! Play your favorite games while Jotunheimen serves up drinks and snacks. Perfect for children and young people (but adults are also allowed…). Jotunheimen E-sport also offers summer gaming, girls’ night, events for schools and academies.


At Jotunheimen e-Sport, you get the opportunity to upload an optional amount to your personal user. The amount is automatically adjusted down for each hour. When you log out, the amount freezes and you can come back another day.

You get a discount when buying hours in bulk.

They offer student discount and the opportunity to buy gift cards.

Last updated: 03/19/2024

Source: Visit Trondheim AS

Jotunheimen e-sport

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